About Me

Hi! I’m Lisa. I’ve spent the last decade working in online marketing and business development. I’ve grown start-ups to become multi-million dollar organizations and I’ve worked with some of the world’s largest brands to create impactful digital marketing strategies.

A year or two ago, I noticed a trend of some of my friends hustling hard to sell products such as Beachbody, Plexus, Herbalife, Senegence and others through their social networks. The products seemed great, and I definitely bought a few.

However, I noticed everyone had the same marketing strategy when they were out there. In fact, some folks who did live video on Facebook almost said the same things, word for word, when trying to sell the same products.

Not many were differentiating themselves completely, which we all know is the key to success when growing a business.

This intrigued me so I did some research. I realized that when my friends were buying into becoming distributors of different products, one thing was the same: they were all given the same marketing and sales advice from the distribution company and/or coach for the product.

Business development, marketing and sales are hard for a seasoned vet, let alone someone who is going it on their own with no formal training or experience. Being handed a few quick tips is great, but if they’re the same as everyone else who is buying into the company, they’re only going to work for so long.

I believe in my friends and I believe in their judgement to stand behind the products they sell. I also believe in their dream to work from home and grow their businesses. I’ve decided to help by creating quality, actionable content that helps them do just that.

The strategies, tips and tricks you’ll see here are based on my years of success and failure in the world of online marketing. Some of my ideas may work well for your personality in sales, some may not. My goal is to provide the insight and experience I’ve gained over time to help you level-up in no time at all.

Happy selling!