Network Marketing

I’m here to help network marketers sell more

You’re just starting out with marketing a product that you’ve become of a distributor of. Welcome!

You’ve probably been given the same pointers and tips to get selling – the same, generic pointers that everyone gets when they sign up. They probably worked at first, but you’re ready to take things to the next level.

As your product goes to more distributors buying into the plan, more folks are going to learn the secret sauce to getting items in front of the company’s core audience. This is when distribution typically sees major saturation. It’s also when the top sellers rise to the top and roughly 90-95% of those who signed up fail.

I don’t like those odds. And I’m not ready to let you fail.

With so many friends dipping their toes into the water for the first time when it comes to sales and marketing to stand behind products they believe in, I had a few choices:

1.) I could dismiss them entirely and realize that with a failure rate so high, I’d just deal with the practically duplicate posts and live Facebook videos across my network until they gave up trying to outpost one another.

2.) I could support them and purchase what they were selling.

3.) I could offer them my marketing, sales and business development advice, strategies and plans that have grown small start-ups to multi-million dollar organizations and has allowed large global brands to exceed their sales goals.

I chose paths 2 and 3.

Welcome to my blog dedicated to helping network marketers stand out in a crowd that is becoming more and more saturated every day.

I’ve seen you hustle and I love what you’re doing. I want to help you amplify it to a degree that would take 10 years of experience to get to. Instead of figuring it out on your own, let me help you get there in a fraction of the time.

Buckle up, we have some work to do. And it’s going to be the best work you’ve ever done.

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